Waste Transfer Station

South Australia

Gable Roof

40m + 6m Awning one side and 5m Annex on the other side

SMRT® Hybrid portal frame

2680 sqm

This Waste Transfer Station is 55m long, with a clear span of 40m wide plus the addition of a 6m awning on one side and a 5m annex on the other. The eave height is 8m and teh bays approximately 6.1m, the roof has translucent sheeting included in each bay for improved natural light and incorporates a 900mm ventilated ridge, 7 Roller Doors and 2 Roller shutters. There is a 2m high concrete push wall around the perimeter in which the columns had to be designed to take the loads of an excavator pushing waste materials up against. The building features a 20m transfer beam to provide a column free access area to tunnel annex section.

XXL CONSTRUCTIONS provided a robust and economical solution to a complex engineering specification utilising the XXL SHEDS® SMRT® hybrid portal frame system.

A prominent builder approached XXL CONSTRUCTIONS to assist in a design and construct project in South Australia. The waste transfer facility had some challenging engineering requirements including a 40m clear span requirement, columns that had to hold up a 2m high concrete panel around the perimeter, and withstand the additional stresses of excavators pushing against the frame. Then there was the 20m clear opening required in the side wall to allow loading access to vehicles on a lower level travelling through the annex tunnel area.

The SMRT® hybrid portal frame was the best solution as it could be coupled with strong and rigid steel hot-rolled columns but still incorporate cold form steel in the rafter area. This design assisted in meeting the engineering brief, the spans required and importantly the project’s budget.