Industrial Sheds


Skillion Roof

15.3m clear span

Cold form skillion portal frame

1021 sqm

Industrial sheds with 7 individual units, 78.5m long x 15.3 wide with 7m eave height and mezzanine floors in each self contained unit to maximise floor area.

XXL CONSTRUCTIONS redesigns and builds an industrial shed complex using all cold form steel frame, saving the client thousands of dollars.

A developer approached XXL CONSTRUCTIONS to redesign, supply and build an industrial skillion-roofed warehouse comprising a total of 7 individual units in the Newcastle region. Using XXL SHEDS® design function audit process they exceeded the client expectations and the results speak for themselves.

The design incorporates C150 stud plates style, internal dividing walls and clear span cold form portals within the units where required. XXL CONSTRUCTIONS successfully reduced the overall  internal wall thickness from 370mm down to 170mm by using its stud frame design replacing mullions and girts. This was particularly difficult on a sloping site where the use of step downs at some internal walls were required.