Equestrian Arena

Maudsland, South East Queensland

Gable Roof

23 metres

SMRT® Hybrid Portal Frame

1449 sqm

An open 23m span x 63m long roof cover with 8m bays and 4.5m eave height, including full gable infills and side skirts.

XXL CONSTRUCTIONS delivers on its clients needs using XXL SHEDS® patented SMRT® hybrid portal design, ticking all the boxes for a new equestrian arena roof cover in South East Queensland.

The client engaged XXL CONSTRUCTIONS to design and construct an Equestrian Arena to suite their specific requirements. The client wanted to avoid knee braces between the column and rafter which they felt was unsightly and inhibited the movement in the arena when performing close to the columns. 

After a few design consultations the client was thrilled with what XXL CONSTRUCTIONS could offer.

The end results exceeded the clients expectations with a very smart looking building that met all their requirements and optimised functionality required for their usage.