Cotton Storage Facility

Western New South Wales

Gable roof

24 metres

Cold-form portals

7200 square metres

XXL CONSTRUCTIONS Designs and Constructs Cottons Storage Sheds.

XXL CONSTRUCTIONS were approached to design a cotton warehousing distribution facility in western New South Wales to assist in storing the cotton bales prior to distribution.

After a number of meetings with the client to determine the exact requirements for the facility and understanding the internal movements and machinations of the business, XXL CONSTRUCTIONS were able to design and construct a fit-for-purpose building that included 7.5 metre bay spacing to allow the cotton bales to fit neatly in storage, negating any potential for wasted space.

Not only did the client get a facility that worked perfectly for them, they saved thousands of dollars by utilising XXL CONSTRUCTIONS design philosophy of using only materials that were fit-for-purpose for the project, using its value engineering principles.