Concrete Precast Plant Roof Cover

Yeppen South, near Rockhampton, Queensland


34 metres

Hybrid design

3264 square metres

96 metres long x 34 metres wide x 14.5 metres high

John Holland builders needed a precast concrete facility to help them repair local central QLD infrastructure damaged after the floods. So they engaged XXL CONSTRUCTIONS to design and supply a roof cover to meet the requirements.

Within 7 weeks XXL CONSTRUCTIONS engineered design and delivered all the materials on site ready for erection using XXL CONSTRUCTIONS’ Hybrid design technology, catering for cyclonic conditions and very high building with a 34 metre clear span.

John Holland were ecstatic with the project as they now have a purpose designed facility to meet their needs that came in 35% under their budget. Soon after construction was completed, the structure was put to the test with category 5 Cyclone Marcia passing straight through the region leaving the XXL CONSTRUCTIONS designed shed standing proudly on top of the hill without any structural impediments!